The High  School of Petra, in the island of Lesvos, has approximately 150 pupils, coming from six different villages in the area. The pupils are from 12 to 15 years old, with many immigrants among them. The area is fairly far from the capital of the island (57 kilometres with a difficult road), which gives a sense of isolation to the people living here, including teachers, especially in winter where there is no tourism. These three years are part of the obligatory education in Greece. The aim of the Secondary School is to provide the pupils with the basic knowledge in a lot of subjects, varying from Literature, History, Greek Language, English, French, German, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Art. It is also important to make the pupils aware of their needs, interests and abilities, in order to help them to make a choice about the type of school they will follow and their future occupation. The past few years though, with the inspiration of the headmasters and with the enthusiasm of many new teachers, there have been a lot extra activities, developed not during the official schedule. These extra activities have included a theatrical play, programmes about the history of the place with the use of oral material, presentation of films, programmes of environmental education, programmes of career education, activities regarding the equality of the sexes, making the pupils’ own books, geomythology. These programmes, along with their presentation in the local community via meetings held in local fairgrounds and excursions with strictly educational purposes in other parts of Greece, have given new zest to the pupils as well as the teachers. The school also has a strong sport team, with a lot of participations in national athletic events. Currently the school is focused on a project called “I act and I care”, which is about volunteers, and is a part of a group of fifty Greek schools with the same project. Moreover it prepares itself for taking part in the so-called “Mathitiada”, which is a sport event with Greek schools inside Greece and abroad. The teachers of the school try to educate themselves through attending seminars, conferences and courses held both in the island and in other parts of our country, with the aim to provide as good education to their pupils as possible.