The institute G. Caboto Gaeta has always been a school of great importance since the first year of its life (1854) because it is the only nautical school existing between Rome and Naples, and it is for this reason that its catchment area is distributed over a wide geographical area that stretches from Rome to Caserta, through Latina and Frosinone and also including the Pontine Islands.
Besides the fact that it is now one of the few, perhaps the only schools to ensure concrete job opportunities after graduation, so many families and so many guys have always relied on it.
Its population is predominantly male, although the number of women has grown over the years and continues to grow, just as the institution which since has annexed a second address: the Professional and Commercial Services " which is in addition to the other already present: "Transport and Logistics „for a total of 934 students divided into 51 classes.
The institute currently consists of three addresses:
1.Istituto Tecnico Settore Tecnologico Indirizzo “TRASPORTI e LOGISTICA
2.Istituto Professionale per i SERVIZI COMMERCIALI
3.Istituto Tecnico Settore Economico
Located in Piazza Trieste, attended by 562 pupils divided into 29 classes, has a term of five years and includes the following branches:
- Construction of the means which, as the name implies , involves the construction and maintenance of  air, sea and land means of transport, and the acquisition of certificates of suitability for use of the same means;
- Driving the vehicle, this concerns the study of issues relating to transport by air, sea and land;
- Logistics, which deals instead of deepening the problems related to the management, control of the organizational aspects of aviation, maritime and land, in order to enhance the acquisition of appropriate skills in the interrelation between the different components.
The Professional Services for Business is divided into 5 classes (one for each year); it has duration of 5 years and is divided into 2 sectors: Services - Industry and Crafts