The Kryoneri Lyceum of General Studies is, the State school for the three last grades of secondary education, mainly for the pupils of Kryoneri, but appealing to the residents of other nearby areas, too. The Kryoneri Lyceum is housed in spacious and recently built facilities, near the forest, but only about 40 minutes from the centre of Athens by train, ten minutes from the nearest train station by car or bus, and with a regular bus connection.
As the title suggests, the school provides its 140 pupils with general knowledge, preparing them for access to University studies, but also for a professional career wherever a secondary education degree is sufficient. The vast majority of pupils is successful in university entrance exams, always feeling the satisfaction of a diverse curriculum enriching their school life with cultural and alternatively educational experiences.
The 15 professors of the school have not had the opportunity to participate in a European program so far, but there is a growing interest in the particular ‘mobilities’ as well as great potential, which can ensure the program’s successful completion; all necessary action will be taken to that direction, following our last year’s agreement over the program’s content, targets and pupil needs or requirements.