Latvia Culture College, one of the most experienced and rich in traditions colleges in Latvia, offers modern cultural education according to the demands of labor market. Currently LCC provides first level professional higher education programs in arts, media and culture management.
 College offers further education programs as well as distance learning courses in culture management and performing arts subjects.
LCC is an active member of Latvian college’s association academic quality committee and contributes to the analyzing our best practices and suggesting innovations according to LLP national strategy in Latvia and Europe. Recently LCC has introduced new instrument - a European Marketing Innovation Centre, which is a joint activity with similar centers in Portugal, Estonia, Spain, Italy and Turkey, where the main aim is university-business co-operation and implementation of academic field innovations in business.
LCC has serious international projects experience from year 1999, where the main project topics includes development of new programs, alumni services and quality management. Special attention is being paid to the role of new information technologies in the training process as well as to placements.
Creative specializations e.g. theatre studies, event production etc. study courses , besides culture management study  units, include such study subjects as theory and practice of arts forms and genres, history of costumes, theatre direction and production, visual processing of event, stage speech and movement, presentation skills  etc.
Dance specializations includes study subjects as visual communication , dance history, improvisation, dance composition, music production , jazz dance, contemporary fashion dance, historical dance, contemporary show dance etc.  
Latvia Culture College has expertise in educational and cultural processes in Latvia and Baltic region, as well as appropriate manager and researcher/lecturer staff enabling active participation in  and coordinator of many transnational   projects. Among partners of LCC are more than 30 partners in 21 countries.
LCC has strong expertise in following areas:
-Development and implementation of innovations in culture management sector
- Consultancies and research activities in creative industries area
- Students enterprise for implementation of creative projects and co-operation with industry
-Creative solutions for bringing education to remote areas
-Co-operation with labor market and line authorities