Gymnázium Na Vítězné pláni is situated in Prague 4, on the borders between the neighborhoods of Nusle and Pankrác. It has a magnificent view of the Prague castle. It is easily accessible by the underground metro (line C).
The school provides general education, there are currently 650 students enrolled in 4-year-long and 6-year-long study programs. The curriculum puts big emphasis on foreign languages. Apart from English also German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Russian are taught.
The school has many foreign students from different parts of the world.
The school graduates are very successful also in their tertiary education. Majority of them continues with their studies at universities. Most of them choose to study law, medicine, economics, science and foreign languages.
The school has a number of children from mixed families or foreigners. Our effort is to include them not only in teaching but also in social, cultural and sports activities of our school. By including them in every possible way and activities we have been fighting for years against xenophobia, racism and cultural misunderstandings.
The school will actively participate in the organization of the whole project and will provide its partners with all the necessary information and make sure that the appropriate space is available, so that the work on all the set tasks could be carried out and intended goals could be achieved.